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When Shadow Touches Home

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April 5th, 2005

alassiel_elleth @ 08:13 am: OOC:

*sniffle* Where IS everyone?

February 28th, 2005

shadows_gm @ 12:24 pm: Head count

Hiya guys,

for the sake of curiosity, how many of ye are still active. just howl in here and let me know, k?

Ps- the Quest is now en route to the passage through the mountains. Check Eamane's latest thread.

January 19th, 2005

eamane_feiniel @ 12:17 pm:

Eamane stood scowling in the front yard asthe company came up and about their affairs, last-minute preparations, or simply one last tasting of Imladris's Cook delicious treats. By the Caves of Shelter, she was not so anxious to give up delicious meals and a jolly hearth for stale bread- even if it is stale elven bread-, whatever unfortunate game they chanced upon and the unforgiving cold of the Misty Mountains. But they all had a mission to fulfill.

Therefore she sat and waited. And scowled.

She saw the bard come out of the main house, almost shyly, with a lot more luggage than he'd ever have need to. Not that it was any of her concern. If needs must, they'd leave the weight behind to make for speedy travel. But before that happened Lindir could take half of the valley with him for what she cared.

The clear bells of Elrond's house jingled several times, calling the travellers to the road. It was time. Eamane was feeling entirely too broody to pay attention to Elrond's parting speech. As soon as it was polite, she turned and mounted her horse.

She was going back home. Only it did not quite feel like it.

December 13th, 2004

elrondperelda @ 05:39 pm: The hour cometh

The second morn dawns cold and quiet, almost as if the Sun herself was unwilling to rise from her Golden palace in the East.

Elrond is the first to arrive in the front yard, since for some unbeknownst reason he could find no solace in the Paths of dreams that night, and the smells of breakfast could not tempt him.

So he sits alone in the bench, pondering in his heart what was it about that specific day. Not so long ago he had sent a company of nine to defend the fate of all Middle earth. He had sent warriors and diplomats on this way or other throghout the centuries. He had travelled those roads himself for much longer.

And he was restless.

Elrond spies a bleary-eyed female wood-elf dragging herself from the stables towards the building, where the morning sweet bread would be about to be served, and grinned.

Maybe it was time to press Erestor into telling just what exactly happened when he went to retrieve Arwen from Lorien a hundred years ago.

Ooc: come out, come out, wherever you are. It's time to play :P

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elrondperelda @ 05:12 pm:

Later that day, when all of Imladris lay in deceitful silence, Elrond is still trying to make reason of all that he has learned in the morning. Lindir is, for once, quiet, and the musicians have not yet commenced their nighttime ballads, doubtlessly baffled.

With a world-weary sigh, Elrond ponders. Would he dare follow his intuition once more? In all the long years it has proven true, and yet...

Yet he hesitated.

In a sudden burst of energy the lord scrappes a few lines in the very last of his good parchment (and makes a mental note to procure some more. he might need it soon) and sends it via one of the maids to the lady Alassiel.

The missiveCollapse )

December 1st, 2004

elladan_onona @ 11:09 pm: Elladan was growing restless. He and his brother were fit to venture out once again, and had been for some time. Surely there were more useful things for them to do than sit around pretending to listen to Bilbo's poetry, now that evil was risig once again in the East?

Deep in thought, he knocked on the door of his brother's room.

Elrohir? Are you there?

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November 22nd, 2004

elrondperelda @ 03:42 pm:

Later that day, Elrond was not-so-calmly finishing a long, deeply personal, disturbingly open letter for the King of Mirkwood, Thranduil Oropherion.

By Eru, he wished it would be enough to bridge the gap between the clans. Elrond knew well that it had been only the dire need to meet Gandalf that made Thranduil send Legolas to his valley. The prince was bound to be needed in the defence of his own homeland.

And Elrond had sent him to Mordor.

Iluvatar Almighty. What a mess.

... and it is only the deep belief that he will be the most apt to perceive and battle the shadow, still not be tracked by the Enemy or his minions that convinced me he was the elf for the Quest. Your son is a mighty warrior, but above all he is a sensible character, and I have faith he will be fundamental in the destruction of the Shadow.

I know well it is little comfort for you. But we are both rulers, both blessed and cursed with the responsibility of the welfare of others. I am aware you will feel robbed of your son, and mayhap furious that I should send him in stead of any of the powerful lords of the Eldar.

I, too, am a father, Thranduil.

He paused at that. The king was likely to see it as a further insult, Elrond thought. But yet his instinct told him to be straightforward. Blunt, even. So be it.

I pray you do not see in it any ill feeling of me towards you or yours. It was his valour and prowess that guided my hand, no more. If they suceed, the lond twilight of Endor will be over, and great honor bestowed upon your house. I wish it should be so. If they fail, we shall have war upon our doorsteps of the likes we have not seen since the ancient wars. Endor is tired, our numbers are diminished, and our list of allies grows thin.

I do not think we have any other path to walk.

Call me a fool if you like, if that eases your parental fears any. Know that my own sons will be outside the protections of my borders soon, battling the shadow on their own, beyond my reach.

I pray you find it in yourself to look kindly upon my envoy when the worst of your anger has passed.



The lord of Imladris  studied the missive in dark and brooding silence. It was not the most eloquent work he'd ever done, but it would do. It had to do.

A timid know on his door startled his thoughts. the door to his office was rarely closed, and when so, few interrupted his labours. Therefore Elrond knew who it was.

Come, Lady Alassiel. I have been waiting for you.

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November 19th, 2004

_lindir_ @ 07:08 pm: :(
Having heard about the planned expedition, Lindir needs time to gather his thoughts. He's to be sent across the mountains, away from all his friends and loved ones, in a horribly uncertain and dangerous time.

He goes down to the Bruinen and sits on a bough overlooking the water, disconsolately kicking bits of wet snow into the river. Eventually and predictably, he starts singing. A lament.

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November 3rd, 2004

elrondperelda @ 10:59 am: Beyond the power and chances of the world...

Elrond had thought a little stroll would clear his mind.

No. Actually he was trying to hide from Gildemir, who wanted to discuss the building of fences across the lands surrounding the haven. Or was it a higher wall around the dwelling?

Elrond did not know, and in any case he did not feel like discussing either. He could hardly tell Gildemir that there was a power in that valley that could repell the Shadow until the Enemy himself came forth to defy them. Only a selected few knew that he held one of the three, and the elven lord did not wish to spread the word, not even among his councillors.

Therefore, it was really hard to fend off Gildemir's well intended concerns. Specially since he thought it was a waste of time to spare the men for such a task.

Once again, he found himself torn between amusement and consternation. It seemed his hints had gone largely ignored.

My, it is good to see you well rested,Alassiel. Rathmir.

He tried valiantly not to look too intimidating. He was still intent on prying that particular puzzle, but right at that moment he had more pressing worries on his mind. Feeling slightly devious, and enjoying it thoroughly, Elrond discreetly evaluated the elf who was fighting not to look guilty. Possibilities. Definite possibilities.

There is a matter that was just brought to my attention that I would like to discuss with you, master Rathmir.

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October 15th, 2004

eamane_feiniel @ 12:22 pm: Discussing the party- Aka recruiting.

As soon as she is out of earshot and has some privacy, Eamane lifts her bewildered gaze to the councillor. She knew next to nothing about those who should make it with them to the Halls of Thranduil, and Elrond had said the trip had to be done within two days.

So, she said nervously. Who do you have in mind?

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