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When Shadow Touches Home

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eamane_feiniel @ 12:22 pm: Discussing the party- Aka recruiting.

As soon as she is out of earshot and has some privacy, Eamane lifts her bewildered gaze to the councillor. She knew next to nothing about those who should make it with them to the Halls of Thranduil, and Elrond had said the trip had to be done within two days.

So, she said nervously. Who do you have in mind?

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Date:November 9th, 2004 12:34 pm (UTC)
Eamane tries to imagine what it would be like if the chief advisor refused to dance in the court and has to suppress a shudder. That would be rude.

Then she thinks of teaching him the rapid swirls of the courting games and her whole body goes icy cold.

But then she is reminded of the Forest Circles and decides maybe it would not be such a bad idea if she snaks off ewith Elrond's letter in her grasp and conveniently fogets to drag the rest of the company along.

We will think of something, she replies simply. If you have coordination enough to practice the fighting games you should be able to learn the dance well enough.

What?! Oh, yes, of course. Eamane finds herself blushing for what feels like the thousandth time that week. Are you sure you do not wish for a hand in it?
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