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When Shadow Touches Home

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elrondperelda @ 10:59 am: Beyond the power and chances of the world...

Elrond had thought a little stroll would clear his mind.

No. Actually he was trying to hide from Gildemir, who wanted to discuss the building of fences across the lands surrounding the haven. Or was it a higher wall around the dwelling?

Elrond did not know, and in any case he did not feel like discussing either. He could hardly tell Gildemir that there was a power in that valley that could repell the Shadow until the Enemy himself came forth to defy them. Only a selected few knew that he held one of the three, and the elven lord did not wish to spread the word, not even among his councillors.

Therefore, it was really hard to fend off Gildemir's well intended concerns. Specially since he thought it was a waste of time to spare the men for such a task.

Once again, he found himself torn between amusement and consternation. It seemed his hints had gone largely ignored.

My, it is good to see you well rested,Alassiel. Rathmir.

He tried valiantly not to look too intimidating. He was still intent on prying that particular puzzle, but right at that moment he had more pressing worries on his mind. Feeling slightly devious, and enjoying it thoroughly, Elrond discreetly evaluated the elf who was fighting not to look guilty. Possibilities. Definite possibilities.

There is a matter that was just brought to my attention that I would like to discuss with you, master Rathmir.

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Date:November 9th, 2004 12:59 pm (UTC)
Hesitantly, Alassiel takes Elrond's cue and moves with Rathmir to sit beside him on the bench. She doesn't speak, but only listens mutely, wondering what all the fuss is about. It's true enough that as she has been wandering about the wilds of Middle-earth for a time that she has been virtually untouched by news of politics in general, particularly of her own race, not having been made a part of their culture at any time in her life.

Despite her ignorance of political-goings on these days, even her travels revealed to her a faint tremor, an undercurrent of something great and dark and impending in the earth, air, and water as if it lays waiting patiently to cover Arda with darkness.

Even the animals of late had seemed more nervous in the woods, as if hearing predators off in the distance. Something unnamed and great and terrible and full of potential was hanging over all the peoples of this world.

Obviously, from Lord Elrond's pressing tone, Alassiel's observances of this phenomena was not a figment of her imagination.
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Date:November 9th, 2004 03:39 pm (UTC)
Rathmir recovers relatively quickly from his bafflement. Of course he recalls the earlier discussion, that was in part why he was present there anyway.

"I...I would be honoured Lord. I have only once been to the Rovannion and that was many years ago before the realms became seriously estranged from one another. As such I would...I would... I would like to be able to learn from them. Their Woodland craft in many ways supersedes our own due to the darkness they have had to face within their own borders. But there is much also we can teach them. It is a rare opportunity."
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Date:November 9th, 2004 04:35 pm (UTC)
Despite herself, Alassiel smiles a little beneath her cowl, and the sound of it is evident in her voice, her timbre half-teasing. Perhaps she has a wit after all.

"Lord Elrond is offering you an honorable errand, I think. I would fear that it would appear ungrateful if you were to deny it, Rathmir..."

Her speech ends abruptly as she wonders if she'd spoken out of turn. The incognito she-Elf twines her fingers together almost nervously and she thinks for a moment, deciding that this time was as good as any, since if nothing else it may break the slight tension that seemed to be in the air.

Could Rathmir really be so rattled by the mere presence of Elrond, even when he must be so accustomed to him?

"Lord Elrond, if you may spare a small measure of time for me later on, I would have a word..."
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