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When Shadow Touches Home

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elrondperelda @ 05:12 pm:

Later that day, when all of Imladris lay in deceitful silence, Elrond is still trying to make reason of all that he has learned in the morning. Lindir is, for once, quiet, and the musicians have not yet commenced their nighttime ballads, doubtlessly baffled.

With a world-weary sigh, Elrond ponders. Would he dare follow his intuition once more? In all the long years it has proven true, and yet...

Yet he hesitated.

In a sudden burst of energy the lord scrappes a few lines in the very last of his good parchment (and makes a mental note to procure some more. he might need it soon) and sends it via one of the maids to the lady Alassiel.

My lady Alassiel,
I have given great thought to your pledge early today and am forced to bow before your claim. If the lady feels she needs to earn her way in our midst. then it is my duty to provide it. But before I demand of you anything I pray you consider widening your view and knowledge of our ways, of our people. It is high time to mend the gap that you feel between your self and the people you are yet to consider your own.
Therefore I am sugesting that you take the trip to Mirkwood that will set forth in two days' time. Your friend rathmir is going, as you well know, so you shan't feel lonely on the road. Pray do not consider I am casting you forth from this haven, for that is not so at all. My offer stands for as long as you so wish it.
Pray answer at your earliest convenience, the Lord Erestor shall need to be informed before tomorrow's sunset.


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Date:December 14th, 2004 02:14 pm (UTC)
Reading the missive from Lord Elrond, Alassiel sits heavily, toying with the hem of the cloak that still covers her head. Although she'd shown the "unfortunate oddity" of her hair and her strange eyes to the lord of Imladris, she would not yet expose herself to all the rest of Rivendell's folk.

The elleth folds the letter as she finishes reading and slips it safely into a fold of her cloak, sighing quietly. She had, after all, offered her service to Elrond's House as a matter of both legacy and gratitude, but it did not occur to her that she would be offered an education of her people in the process.

No matter. She would do this thing, if it meant that she would be more suitable for the realm she had now chosen as home.

Alassiel stood then, squared her slender shoulders, and retreated to her quarters to gather what she might need for the journey, and to pen a responding missive to Lord Elrond, sending it down to him upon its completion.

"My Lord,

Your generosity seems to know no bounds. I thank you for this offer of education, and accept it.
I will accompany your party to the Rhovannion, and perhaps there I may gain a better understanding of what it is to be of this race, in a way that has more to do with my parentage.
I hope that I will learn that which will make me an asset to your House.


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