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News: Applications should get their usual speedy response; both mods are back in town.

When Shadow Touches Home is a Lord of the Rings based RPG.

The premise: after the departure of the Fellowship, Elrond sends an envoy of Rivendell Elves to Mirkwood. Their task is to bring the Elvenking Thranduil news of the Quest, and also of his son Legolas' involvement in the Fellowship. Now the fate of the Ring is no longer in the hands of the Elves, many are starting to feel helpless in the face of the coming war. Tensions and intrigues of the Silvan court go on as normal, but in a rapidly darkening world the Elven realms now have other dangers to face. Eventually we intend play the assaults on Mirkwood and Lórien: an aspect of the books not often covered in RPGs and fanfic.

We're looking for both canon characters and OCs. Interested? Read the rules, fill in the application form, and send it to the moderators at shadow_mods@hotmail.com. We'll try to get back to you ASAP.

Please note this game is based on the books, not the movies: you'll need to have read The Lord of the Rings as a minimum. If you want to play a very old elf (ie Galadriel, Elrond) it would help if you had Silmarillion knowledge, and The Hobbit is a good source of Mirkwood lore for the wood-elves among us.

Who's who (alphabetical list by character):

CharacterCharacter LJMun
Alassiel (OC)alassiel_ellethAIM: ShdowCourtFae
Eámanë (OC)eamane_feinielelentari_valie
Rathmir (OC)rathmiraria_elwen

At the moment, Celeborn is being played by the GMs. If you're interested in applying for this character, he is available.